Zoom session this Sunday 27th

Our next session is on Sunday 27th September, opening at 1:45pm for a 2pm start.

John Gowers will talk through his highs and lows in trying to deploy mimic panels on model railway layouts.

The link will be https://us02web.zoom.us/j/9692361925

If have not used Zoom before and would like to join in, email me convenor@wosag.org.uk and we can arrange how to set you up and make a test.

Servo4 F settings disappear

Have used a newly built set box to program the first servo 4 F i built and after setting and saving for 3 points and then testing running with DCC of various locos succesfully i find that when returning to layout after a day or so that the settings of servo limits are lost. This is not the first time this has happened but last time i just set up again with set box. Am very new to servo control and struggled to find reference to this on MERG forum.

What i have done wrong ?

Zoom session this Sunday 13th

Our next session is on Sunday 13th September, opening at 1:45pm for a 2pm start.

“EzyBus and the East Group’s implementation

Chris has been developing an EzyBus system for the East of Scotland Area Group’s demonstration layout.
He will be showing his results at this session.

The link will be https://us02web.zoom.us/j/9692361925

If have not used Zoom before and would like to join in, email me convenor@wosag.org.uk and we can arrange how to set you up and make a test.

DCC loco starting by itself

I have a Hornby Duke of Gloucester with a factory fitted sound decoder. If any other loco on the layout experiences a stall, therefore pulling higher than normal current, the “Duke” takes off on its own. There are numerous instances of this on the web and in each case it has been solved by removing the suppression capacitor across the motor. I suspect the “Duke” has a capacitor fitted as it is in factory condition.
Does anyone have any thoughts of the technical reason why a capacitor across the motor could cause a decoder malfunction?


Photo of garden railway and ick coaches and class 1500/EM2

Ezybus master controller

Considering putting in a “portable” master module so that points can be checked when setting movement as suggested by the Ezybus write up. Has anyone made or know of a casing for the module so it can be easily held? Have looked on websites, however the casing seems to be just for part of the module and would not fit our overall board and nano.

Faulty Ezybus Output Modules

Following on from my post last Thursday (and thanks to Davy for sending me out replacements at the usual modest price), I’m posting here about 2 of my EzyBus Output modules which don’t work, hoping for some enlightenment on here as to what may be the reason. Most likely it’s something silly I’ve done, being something of a novice in matters electronical.

The set up for my in-progress Milngavie Station layout is four (at the moment) 1m long x 60cm wide boards bolted end-to-end. An Output Module on each is to operate the points on each (and eventually signals and other stuff). Input modules on 2 boards take the signal from on-off toggle switches representing the point levers. The I2C Bus runs the length of the layout, as does the 12v supply, kept separate as much as possible.

All the Output modules worked fine except 1.

I replaced that with a spare, no better. Then checked everything else, all the connections etc etc then realised I should try one of the working ones from another baseboard in place of the spare, and of course that worked fine. The spare was duff too, my own fault for not checking it first…

Hence 2 faulty Output Modules.

Each exhibits different behaviours. I’ve numbered them A and B in the photos below.

A: on powering up, lights up (2 green leds only) but meter reads 0v between each pad 1-8 and 0v ground. Servos don’t operate.

B: on powering up, system never stops updating on master module, 2 green leds are lit on output module. Meter shows 5.65v between SDA and 0v ground and SDA and 0v ground.  

And a final photo below of one which works as it should.

So there we are.

I’d really appreciate your diagnosis so that I don’t make the same error on the new modules.

If any further information is needed, please ask.

With thanks in anticipation,

All best,


Ordering EzyBus output modules

Hi folks —-
I need to order 2 EzyBus Output Module kits to replace 2 that are faulty, and can’t see how to order them. The Kitlocker just takes you to the PC board.
Could someone advise please (Davy?).
And I will do another post with photos for suggestions as to what’s gone wrong as it’s most likely something silly I’ve done 🥴