Use of Pickit3

Thanks to Chic I have managed to get my Pickit3 working.
After a look at Youtube I found that I had a cheap copy from a well known country and that I would probably have to reduce the voltage supplied to the PIC. I found that it worked perfectly if the voltage was reduced to 4.875V.
Now all I have to do is think of something new to do with a PIC.
I have also made some additions to the strip boards for the Laser TOTI. They include an LED to show that it has tripped and to fit a relay to the board. If anyone is interested please let me know.
Charlie Cotchin

Delivery times

Does anybody have recent experience of Merg Ktlocker delivery times for “In Stock” kits ?


PMP 7 False Triggering

I added some PMP7 to my ezybus system and had some false triggering,I looked on the MERG website and came across a paper by BrianW he recommend fitting a 4.7nf capacitor from Pin 2 to Pin 3, there are two holes in the board just to the left of the link wire from Pin 3 to Pin 4 that can be used.

I have fitted the capacitor and all seams well

I got the capacitors from Rapid part number 11-3438

Common Servo 4 and ezypoints 0v ?

Good evening all. Daft basic electric circuit question time chaps but here goes i am using 5 servo 4 boards and 3 ezypoints in my fiddle yard which is controlled from a mimic panel where the switches for each point trigger will be mounted. Can i have a common “zero” wire running between the servo 4 boards and the ezypoint boards and then run this wire across the switches in the panel. This will save me 23 wires into the mimic panel if i can do it.

Thanks all and stay safe / Steve

Add-on for random lights

Further to my reply to Tony’s query, here is a suggested circuit.

It shows relays and individual LEDs.

You can replace these with your short LED strips..

PMP 12Random Light Switcher

I have just built a Random Light Switcher and cannot get it to work. I am using it to operate 12volt Led strip lighting installed in houses. I have tested across pins 1 and 14 as per the instructions and getting a reading of 4.5volts. I have checked it and am fairly sure I have assembled it correctly. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Current measurement

Saw recently in a magazine a device that showed the voltage and current being drawn on the tracks. A bit expensive I thought, hence the post. I am sure that we can make one a lot cheaper. So here is the question – anybody have an idea how on a DCC system that a digital volt and amp screen type device can be fitted to the supply bus out of a controller. What components would be required and does anybody have a circuit diagram that I can follow. Hope I have explained this properly. The volt and amp screens would tell what voltage is being supplied to the track and how many amps the locos are drawing so that the limit of the controller is not exceeded.

Came across this ‘wonder glue stick’.

It is marketed as both Bondex and Bondic.

Has anyone any experience of using this?

The ‘official’ one is expensive buit has a three year shelf life.

The eBay versions are much cheaper – but do they work?

Servo Kick

Hi Folks, I am using a couple of Ezypoints kits to animate a crane and seeing the usual servo kick at startup. This can be potentially damaging to a crane jib so I welcome suggestions on how to fix the problem. I would prefer a hardware solution as this would be of most use to other members.