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Running 12V PMP kits at a lower voltage

I built a new section for my layout which includes 5 x Random Lights Kits (50 leds) and at 12V the power consumption is high. Using a dropping resistor to lower the voltage to around 6-7V reduces the current significantly and the kits work fine but is there a better solution?

Taking the plunge

Hello folks , managed to find chat room (lovely wallpaper by the way!!!)

hoping to meet up with Neil for a bike ride tomorrow (Sunday)


Free e-book

With everything being cancelled or posponed, I have time to catch up with some things. I have started work on updating the free book “Electronics for Model Railways”. I will be adding to the existing chapters and hope to add some new chapters (e.g. 3D printing, Animations, EzyBus, Arduinos, etc.).

Davy Dick